Drainage Clearing - Project Dashboard

May 2nd 2019

Many homeowners in Lafayette Parish are faced with a very unfortunate circumstance when deciding to put their home on the market. One of the first questions buyers ask me before scheduling a showing is "Did this home flood?" Some buyers won't even consider viewing it, much less buy it. 

Sometimes the stigma of a flooded home is warranted. If it's located in a flood zone, and it flooded, many buyers simply can't afford the higher cost of flood insurance. Those home will sell, but price and amenities will need to eclipse the risk of future flooding and flood insurance. 

If your home flooded in 2016, and you are not located in a flood zone, you may be the beneficiary of one of the 77 critical drainage projects identified by LCG. Roadside ditch and coulee excavations, clearing storm drains and flushing out culverts will reduce the risk of future flood events in those areas. 

If you're thinking about selling your home, LCG has launched a drainage project dashboard that will allow you to track the progress of any work being done in your area. Don't let the 2016 flood be a determining factor of selling your home. Stay up to date on the work being done, and provide this information to potential buyers. Visit the website below for additional details:

If you have questions about the flood zone status of your home, and how it will effect the sales process, call me at (337) 962-3297.